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Who We Are

About Sarah Jeffries, Founder of Basic Life Support Training

Basic Life Support Training, instituted in 2011 by Sarah Jeffries, stems from a story of personal loss and a subsequent passion to endow individuals with the crucial knowledge needed to save lives. Sarah suffered the heartbreaking loss of a dear friend to sudden cardiac arrest, a painful experience exacerbated by the lack of knowledge amongst those present to act appropriately.

This event fuelled Sarah’s resolve to become proficient in First Aid, but she found the existing training mediums to be uninspiring and wearisome, often marked by lengthy, dull PowerPoint presentations. Fueled by a newfound desire, she resolved to initiate change, culminating in the foundation of Basic Life Support Training.

Her vision was simple but impactful: to provide immersive, practical life-saving sessions to locals and businesses. Sarah was resolute in her decision to stray from the traditional, stale teaching techniques. She crafted a unique training style, merging practical learning with multimedia elements, all presented in her characteristic, relatable manner.

The methodology Sarah introduced was groundbreaking; it made critical information more digestible and engaging and fostered a deeper comprehension and retention of essential life-saving techniques among attendees. Under Sarah’s skilled leadership, Basic Life Support Training persistently advocates for equipping individuals with the knowledge and self-assurance needed to respond swiftly and efficiently in crisis situations.

Our Objectives at Basic Life Support Training

At Basic Life Support Training, we operate under a unifying, comprehensive vision: to equip individuals and organisations with the essential knowledge and skills necessary to adequately respond to life-threatening situations, especially sudden cardiac arrests. Here are our fundamental objectives:

  1. Propagate Essential Lifesaving Knowledge:We aim to disseminate vital first aid knowledge, striving to prepare a growing number of people to handle emergencies efficiently, thereby potentially saving lives and lessening the impact of injuries.
  2. Create Engaging Learning Environments:The innovative and vibrant teaching methodology developed by Sarah Jeffries is pivotal to our training programmes. We endeavour to maintain a learning environment that is interactive, engaging, and breaks away from the dullness of traditional training models, ensuring superior retention and practical understanding.
  3. Expand Accessibility:One of our key objectives is to make life-saving courses widely available to diverse audiences. We aspire to serve various segments of the community, delivering affordable and comprehensive training to guarantee that everyone has the chance to acquire these critical skills.
  4. Continuous Improvement and Adaptation:We are committed to continually refining and modifying our training programmes to include the latest in first aid research, technology, and teaching methods. We pledge to stay informed about advancements in medical understanding and educational strategies to offer the most effective and relevant training possible.
  5. Promote Awareness:By highlighting the importance of first aid and CPR training, our goal is to increase public awareness about the critical role that prompt and correct intervention plays in improving survival rates during medical emergencies, ultimately motivating more people to seek training.