Online Basic Life Support Training

Learn how to effectively use an Automated External Defibrilator (AED) and provide CPR.

Online Basic Life Support Training

This Online Basic Life Support Course is suitable for those who wish to learn how to use an AED & provide CPR, but are not able to attend a course at one of our venues.

2 Hours
£25 + VAT (£30)

Course Overview

This Basic Life Support course is suitable for this who need a refresher in emergency first aid training.

Topics Covered

  1. Understanding Defibrillation: An introduction to the role and function of an AED, including what defibrillation is, when it's necessary, and the impact it can have on a cardiac arrest patient's survival rate.
  2. The Chain of Survival: Explanation of the chain of survival, a series of actions that, when performed in sequence, increase the likelihood of survival following cardiac arrest.
  3. Recognition of Cardiac Arrest: Learning the signs and symptoms of cardiac arrest to identify when an AED might be necessary.
  4. Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR): In-depth training on performing high-quality CPR, as this is often a necessary precursor to using an AED.
  5. Safe AED Use: Understanding the safe operation of AEDs, including where to place the pads, the importance of clear space while the device is analysing or delivering a shock, and any necessary precautions for safe use.
  6. AED Operation: Detailed instruction on how to operate an AED, typically involving hands-on practice with a training unit.
  7. After Use of an AED: Discussing what should be done after an AED is used, including the continuation of CPR, monitoring the patient, and reporting the use of the AED.
  8. Regular Maintenance and Checks: Guidance on the regular maintenance and checks that should be performed to ensure the AED is in working order when needed.

Please note that, while it's possible to use an AED without formal training because the device guides the user through the process with clear instructions, it is still highly recommended to undergo formal training to ensure confidence and readiness in case of a cardiac arrest emergency.

Training Cost

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Accredited Courses

Our courses are either accredited by the FAIB or you'll receive a first aid certificate from Skills Training Group

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Our Basic Life Support Courses are available nationwide.

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